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JC Stylz now sells ….

Guess what! JC Stylz now sells harbands, rings, head bands, and neclaces! If you’d like one please either contact us for a picture or you can wait for a picture.


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Hi! Its Jamie and Charlotte’s employee Julia! Please do not be afraid to write what you think of our brcelets if you think there cool tell us!

How It Works

Hi! Its Charlotte here! If you like any bracelets here and just for example  if it is the first picture its called  image number 1 . If you like the second picture its called image number two,etc etc. You can aso say what clours you want, how many strings, and even suggest new styles of bracelets! P.S  information here will probably slightly change. So every once in a while re- read it

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Hi!  our names are Jamie and Charlotte and we are the owners of JC Stylz.  We create and hand-make beautiful bracelets made of colourful strings. So here’s what happend. Jamie and I loved making bracelets , and made many for our friends and family. We figured at this rate we could make ourselves a lot of money if we sold them. If you would like a bracelet it costs either 1 dollar or 1.50 it depends on the style of bracelet. JC Stylz has 3 employees. Cassandra, Julia and Lauren.